The Current New “Normal”

Closing the library–having to close the library–was perhaps one of the biggest shocks, we’ve ever undergone. It’s not just our library, but libraries across the country. Around the world, everything has slowed to a standstill waiting for an invisible hammer to fall…and here I sit typing a brief hello on a lunch tray while the birds outside are singing as though the world hasn’t gone topsy-turvy. What a strange world!

Even with all the strangeness, I am amazed at the way people adapt to the different situations. Many have taken social distancing as a personal challenge to be more creative. Others find themselves connecting to neighbors that were previously ignored and finding new connections. The jobs that were once taken for granted are the ones keeping our society going and touted as finally being essential.

I don’t have anything exceptionally profound to say other than that we at the library will continue to do our best to continue servicing despite the distances. We hope that this site will be an asset to you and your families, that you will stay safe and–most of all–that we look forward to seeing your smiling faces when we come through this. We will make it through this together. Be well!

New “office” space

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