Nature in the Time of Adversity

By Sarah W.

Taking a walk or just looking out your window are pretty safe activities these days. While doing this, you can see living beings and growing plants that might pique your interest.

Here’s something from this past week that piqued mine: Do you know the Great Stone Barn on Darrow Road in New Lebanon? You can’t miss it – it’s huge and roofless and the windows are, of course, glassless. On the south side of the barn, one of the top windows is filled–bottom to almost top–with branches and twigs.

What could this be? –A nest. A raven’s nest! These ravens and probably their ancestors have been nesting in that window for many years.

Last week (on April 12 to be exact), I was walking with a friend (6 feet apart of course) past the barn. We saw a large black bird land on the barn and make its way to the nest. Then I saw 3 mouths opened wide – the raven parent was feeding the chicks. Although I knew about these nesting ravens, this was the first time I saw the newly hatched chicks (ok, their mouths).   

If you go to have a look, binoculars will be a help.  By the way ravens belong to the Corvid (not COVID – just a weird serendipity) family of birds, which include jays and crows.

Lungwort in the snow

Speaking of weird serendipities, here’s a photo of Lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis) with snow. May our lungs be healthy!

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