Sheep in the Spring

By: Kristin C.

Springtime brings green grass and baby lambs. It is also a time for putting away your winter sweaters. Have you put yours away yet? 

This past weekend I had my sheep shearer “fleece” my sheep of their wool coats. In fifteen short minutes, a professional shearer can remove the fleece with his shears leaving sheep feeling revived and ready for the warmer weather. 

I enjoy looking out the window and watching as they graze happily on the new grass in the field below my home. The baby lambs are still nursing and growing rapidly. It was very funny to see their confusion as they looked for their previously fuzzy mom. All eventually found their mothers after some frantic bleating and running in what seemed to be a game of hide-and-seek. 

I now have 14 lovely bags of wool that I will sell at a later date. It is good for felting or spinning. I don’t know much about either or these topics and would love to hear from those of you who do! I can only comment on the growing of the wool and the joys of working daily with my gentle friends.

Comment below and let us know about what you do with wool!

A young lamb with its mother

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