Library E-Resources Part 1: Streaming Services

In our e-blasts and via social media, we advertise a lot of the resources we have available. Perhaps they all start to blend together and nothing about them really stands out. We want to fix that and give you a look at some of the amazing features they offer if you have never poked around these amazing services!

Today, we wanted to give you a quick glance at our streaming services–Hoopla and Kanopy! With their powers combined, they offer a great variety with easy-to-navigate formats. The best thing about these streaming services is that there are no wait lists for anything! Yes, it is much better to hold the real thing, but they do make a nice supplement while we wait to restart.

First up, the newest addition–Hoopla!


Hoopla is the newest streaming service that the library has added to its toolkit. If you take a look, you’ll see why! TV series, audiobooks, e-books, comics, movies, music and more–all free with your library card. The variety of e-formats make this an excellent resource. And there are over 9000 items for you to peruse! There really is something for everyone on it.

Hoopla Highlights

My favorite feature of Hoopla is the ability to temporarily download items so you can still enjoy them if the internet cuts out! Check it out to see what I mean! (Hoopla also has an app that you can use on your smart devices for mobility’s sake. How cool is that?)


Kanopy is an equally unique streaming service with quite a few hidden gems in its arsenal. Its strongest point is in the variety of movies. There are films from other countries, documentaries and even courses for the avid learner from Great Courses at your fingertips!

Kanopy Kredentials

Each streaming service has its limit, but Kanopy has equally intriguing nooks where views do not count against your credits. Every month there is a list of videos or episodes called Credit Free Viewing. The titles change and there are nearly one hundred things to explore (and that’s just for this month alone! Kanopy Kids–an entire section of family-friendly centered learning and fun–is completely credit free as well. (Anyone up for some family film nights?) From hair-cutting tutorials to award-winning indie films, Kanopy is an amazing, virtual surprise basket.

Have you tried them? Do you believe the Hoopla hype? Are you krazy for Kanopy? Let us know in the comments!

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