Contactless Curbside Starting Up Soon

By Moriah S.

Curbside Starting Date

We thank you for all your patience these past 2 months as we have worked through the pandemic. We are planning to start curbside library services along with other libraries in Columbia County. Our planned day to start curbside services (and regular dropbox times) will be June 17th.

Placing Curbside Orders
Every day from 12:30 -4:45 (10:30-12:45 on Saturdays), we will have staff available via the library chat (Tawk) and at the library phone (518-794-8844) to place local holds orders.

Requests are currently limited in the MidHudson system to 5 items per patron. (We are adding extra for orders for children.) If you know what you want directly, then please let us know, but if you are not certain, please give staff a favorite author or genre and we will select items for you based on that.

You are able to place holds through the MidHudson library system now.


After you receive your hold notices, or if you have requested items on a particular day, you will be assigned a pickup time by the staff member. Only come during your time for the safety of others! If you cannot make your time, then you must let us know ASAP.

When you come, your order will be on a table outside the library with your name on it. Simply grab the bag and go!

Interlibrary loans
At this point, the regular interlibrary loans are taking place, so you can place orders from your library account. Please be aware that your holds will be delayed from getting to you by several days as we will be quarantining materials for your safety. The same is true for returns. If an item is still listed on your account, please wait a few days before contacting the library as incoming items are being quarantined.

Hopefully that answers most of your questions about curbside. If you still have questions, feel free to chat with us using the library chat service on our website ( We are here to help!

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