Summer Reading Program 2020

This year things are a little different. We don’t have our school visits or handouts, so we’ve put together a little something something for you here. The following videos are teasers of what the summer will look like. Stay tuned for the full calendar layout. We hope you join us for a fun summer of Re-Imagining Your Story!

Note: We will not be doing paper logs this year. Instead, we are using a service called READSquared to log your minutes. Check it out! ReadSquared makes it easy to log your books (this year we are counting minutes read), write your own book reviews and keep track of your progress completely free. Here is the link you will need to get register.!

A Brief Hello and Introduction to this year’s Summer Reading Program by the Director.
One of our favorite stories (as read by Miss Ann) on re-imagining one’s story. (Who wouldn’t want to be an alligator?)
Make your own amazing dragon craft! All you need are scissors, markers (or something to color with) and a stapler. Let your imagination take flight!

Here is the template for your cool dragon:

A summary of things that will be coming up for the summer reading program! Check it out!

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