New Local Collections to Check Out


The Notes from New Lebanon on display at the front of the library

The “Notes from New Lebanon Collection” is a series of notebooks that the community can add to. We encourage you to check one out and take it home to see what others in our community have written or sketched. If there is space, add your own thoughts and creative energy, and return for the next person to enjoy. Each journal has a theme. Check out the list of themes below:

  • To All the Books I’ve Loved Before–Tell others about your favorite books!
  • Thrills & Chills (for fans of suspense & horror)–Care to scare your fellow readers with a tale or two?
  • The Strangest Summer: What My Life was Like in Quarantine–Exactly as the title said. Did you try something new? Learn something about yourself?
  • A Sketchbook of Self Portraits–What do you look like now?
  • Calvin–An Ongoing Story–Our mascot has a knack for adventures. Why not tell others about some of the things he may (or may not have) done?
  • Places I’ve Traveled–Take fellow readers on a journey across the world with your.
  • Memories of New Lebanon–For those of the New Lebanon area–born and raised–what are some of your best memories from here?
  • I Survived: A Story from My Life–Have you had an experience that changed your life?
  • Encouraging Words for Others–What is something encouraging you’ve heard that you think others need to hear? Write or draw it out. We need some inspiration right about now!
  • Adventures in Parenting–What fun things have you encountered on your parenting journey? (Please avoid embarrassing the kids.)
A view of the new STEAM kit shelf


For our families doing some schooling at home (or looking for fun, creative and educational ways to engage the children), we have taken some of our in-house STEAM kits and turned them into items you can check out for a week!

*Here is a list of available kits:

  • 2— 3D pen kits with some PLA material & 2 patterns for small projects (Additional PLA will not be provided once used up during checkout.)
  • Spirograph
  • Coding Mouse
  • Strawbees
  • K’nex
  • Snap Circuits
  • 2— USB Microscope kits –for your young explorers to view the world up close.

*When checking out the STEAM kits, please remember to return all of the pieces so that the next family to check it out can also enjoy learning with the kit.

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