Looking Ahead for the New Lebanon Library

Despite all of the changes that 2020 has wrought about, the New Lebanon Library is dedicated to bringing you excellent service via materials to read, educational opportunities and meaningful connections throughout the community. With the start of 2021, we wanted to share some of our news with you.

To keep information readily available for our patrons, we have some of our newest key documents linked here for you to peruse (and they are also available on our website)

First up is the budget for the year.

In December, the library board voted on a long-range strategic plan. You can take a look at it here:

Finally, the library, with the help of a local artist has a brand new logo! You will be seeing this pop up on future library communications! We wanted to get back to our roots–starting with the once-famous springs of New Lebanon–as represented by the water–which is also in the subtle shape of book pages for information, a young tree representing the growth and an open-ended circle for all the possibility.

We thank you for all of your support and look forward to serving you the upcoming years.
Happy New Year, everyone!

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