From the Director’s Desk

To the Wonderful People of New Lebanon,

Greetings! There are so many things that I want to say…well, here goes! These past few years have really flown by. After three, wonderful years, we are now on the brink of parting ways—for a time. I’ve had so much fun working here, getting to know you and learning tons of new and amazing things (it feels like everyone here was born with an incredible knowledge of something from local history, to mushrooms, to tracking a deer mouse. You are all amazing!).

New Lebanon is truly a special place! When I walked into the New Lebanon Library for the first time, it felt like home. It still feels like home even though I am leaving it. I will miss it and every one of you, but I know that it is in good hands.

What I really want to say is: Thank you! Thank you for welcoming me into the community, supporting the library through its many changes and for being willing to take a chance on something, someone new. Thank you for being great neighbors, great patrons and great friends! (Thank you for your patience with my pooch, Rory. Thanks to your loving attentions, she has become an even better dog. )

Sidenote: I have a little present for you. When I first arrived, we had set up a memorial for previous director Jeannie Bogino at the community holiday dinner. I had asked everyone to write a little something that they remembered about her. Well, these memories were turned into a piece of artwork for you. Here is the finished product and it will be on display at the library! I hope it brings the community sweet memories.

I guess that’s it then. This is not goodbye–by any means. As things continue to open up and become safer for everyone, I plan to drop by for hellos. You are such a big part of my life. To pretend otherwise would be a crime. I am so happy to have met you all. ‘Til we meet again!

I remain yours truly, the One and Only,

Moriah Sears, New Lebanon Library Director

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