Museum Pass Updates

Despite all of the many changes, a good many of our favorite local museums have adapted–especially the ones with outdoors exhibits. The New Lebanon Library still offers passes to some of the local institutions that have opened. (There are some that have not reopened to the public.) If you would like to visit some ofContinue reading “Museum Pass Updates”


This week’s craft is a puppet you can design and play with! In your bag, you’ll find lots of things to decorate your puppet. There is also a small tub of glue, and a craft stick with which to apply the glue. A tip for working with the string to assemble your puppet: if you’reContinue reading “CRAFTERNOON KIDS: MARIONETTE PUPPET”

Crafternoon Kids: Watercolor Resist Painting

This week’s Crafternoon Kids kit included everything you need to make two Watercolor Resist Paintings! This technique uses a white crayon to draw a pattern before painting over it. The sample was inspired by the scales on a mermaid’s tale, and used colors that reminded us of the ocean, but you should paint whatever inspiresContinue reading “Crafternoon Kids: Watercolor Resist Painting”

Bears on My Mind

By Sarah W. Black Bears (Ursus americanus) range throughout this continent. They’re in Canada, Mexico, and the US – in the eastern and western states, and scattered about the middle of the country. Contrary to their name, they range in color from almost white to cinnamon to black. They did not cross the land/ice bridge from Asia,Continue reading “Bears on My Mind”

(Re)Imagine Your Story

Summer Reading Program Schedule Summer Reading Program Kickoff: Mini-Floats!To kickoff this year’s Summer Reading Program, we want to throw a parade and we need your help! We will have some boxes with decorative items inside to help you design your own mini parade float! They will be outside the library so you can pick themContinue reading “(Re)Imagine Your Story”

Summer Reading Program 2020

This year things are a little different. We don’t have our school visits or handouts, so we’ve put together a little something something for you here. The following videos are teasers of what the summer will look like. Stay tuned for the full calendar layout. We hope you join us for a fun summer ofContinue reading “Summer Reading Program 2020”