Museum Pass Updates

Despite all of the many changes, a good many of our favorite local museums have adapted–especially the ones with outdoors exhibits. The New Lebanon Library still offers passes to some of the local institutions that have opened. (There are some that have not reopened to the public.) If you would like to visit some ofContinue reading “Museum Pass Updates”

Bears on My Mind

By Sarah W. Black Bears (Ursus americanus) range throughout this continent. They’re in Canada, Mexico, and the US – in the eastern and western states, and scattered about the middle of the country. Contrary to their name, they range in color from almost white to cinnamon to black. They did not cross the land/ice bridge from Asia,Continue reading “Bears on My Mind”

Summer Reading Program 2020

This year things are a little different. We don’t have our school visits or handouts, so we’ve put together a little something something for you here. The following videos are teasers of what the summer will look like. Stay tuned for the full calendar layout. We hope you join us for a fun summer ofContinue reading “Summer Reading Program 2020”

Contactless Curbside Starting Up Soon

By Moriah S. Curbside Starting Date We thank you for all your patience these past 2 months as we have worked through the pandemic. We are planning to start curbside library services along with other libraries in Columbia County. Our planned day to start curbside services (and regular dropbox times) will be June 17th. PlacingContinue reading “Contactless Curbside Starting Up Soon”

Library E-Resources Part 1: Streaming Services

In our e-blasts and via social media, we advertise a lot of the resources we have available. Perhaps they all start to blend together and nothing about them really stands out. We want to fix that and give you a look at some of the amazing features they offer if you have never poked aroundContinue reading “Library E-Resources Part 1: Streaming Services”

The Oft Maligned Cowbird

By Sarah W.  The cowbird is one of the early birds to show up en masse in our area. You know that Spring egg-laying season is immanent when you start seeing these birds. What’s the connection? It is parasitism, because the cowbird does not construct a nest, but lays her eggs in the nests ofContinue reading “The Oft Maligned Cowbird”

Learning at a Social Distance

By: Moriah S. Two months of staying at home leaves you with a lot of time on your hands–even if you are working from home. In all that time that you are not doing the usual, you find yourself learning all sorts of interesting things. I’d like to share a few of the things I’veContinue reading “Learning at a Social Distance”


By Sarah W. During the past few months more people have become interested in wild foods, and  Allium tricoccum or Ramps are some of the best.  One of the earliest wild spring edibles, they grow in moist semi-shaded areas all over the eastern U.S. and they are up in our woods now. They’re also knownContinue reading “Ramps”