Sheep in the Spring

By: Kristin C. Springtime brings green grass and baby lambs. It is also a time for putting away your winter sweaters. Have you put yours away yet?  This past weekend I had my sheep shearer “fleece” my sheep of their wool coats. In fifteen short minutes, a professional shearer can remove the fleece with hisContinue reading “Sheep in the Spring”

Nature in the Time of Adversity

By Sarah W. Taking a walk or just looking out your window are pretty safe activities these days. While doing this, you can see living beings and growing plants that might pique your interest. Here’s something from this past week that piqued mine: Do you know the Great Stone Barn on Darrow Road in NewContinue reading “Nature in the Time of Adversity”

Library Appreciation Week

This week is often celebrated as Library Appreciation Week. I would like to use this time to express my appreciation to everyone who helps make our library the wonderful place it is. First, I would like to express our deepest thanks to all of our volunteers who have been working behind the scenes for years.Continue reading “Library Appreciation Week”

The Current New “Normal”

Closing the library–having to close the library–was perhaps one of the biggest shocks, we’ve ever undergone. It’s not just our library, but libraries across the country. Around the world, everything has slowed to a standstill waiting for an invisible hammer to fall…and here I sit typing a brief hello on a lunch tray while theContinue reading “The Current New “Normal””