Crafternoon Kids: Cemetarium

It’s almost Halloween, so it’s time for a spooky Crafternoon! This month’s kit contains materials to make your own Cemetarium, or ghost in a jar. We love to see what you create! Share pictures of your project with us on Facebook and Instagram, or email them to And however you are celebrating Halloween thisContinue reading “Crafternoon Kids: Cemetarium”

Crafternoon Kids: Yarn Pom Pom Cloud

In this week’s kit you’ll find supplies to make a sweet cloud with yarn pom poms. We hope you’ve enjoyed our summer Crafternoons, and made some fun memories creating together! We’ll be taking a break for the rest of August, as we plan more exciting take-home activities for you. Enjoy the last few weeks ofContinue reading “Crafternoon Kids: Yarn Pom Pom Cloud”


This week’s craft is a puppet you can design and play with! In your bag, you’ll find lots of things to decorate your puppet. There is also a small tub of glue, and a craft stick with which to apply the glue. A tip for working with the string to assemble your puppet: if you’reContinue reading “CRAFTERNOON KIDS: MARIONETTE PUPPET”

Crafternoon Kids: Watercolor Resist Painting

This week’s Crafternoon Kids kit included everything you need to make two Watercolor Resist Paintings! This technique uses a white crayon to draw a pattern before painting over it. The sample was inspired by the scales on a mermaid’s tale, and used colors that reminded us of the ocean, but you should paint whatever inspiresContinue reading “Crafternoon Kids: Watercolor Resist Painting”