A New Visitor

By: Sarah W. I’m always excited when an animal I haven’t seen in my yard shows up, and this happened a few days ago. She seems to be young, but able to take care of herself – foraging for food on the ground and in trees. I’ve seen her napping on the ground and waddlingContinue reading “A New Visitor”

Bears on My Mind

By Sarah W. Black Bears (Ursus americanus) range throughout this continent. They’re in Canada, Mexico, and the US – in the eastern and western states, and scattered about the middle of the country. Contrary to their name, they range in color from almost white to cinnamon to black. They did not cross the land/ice bridge from Asia,Continue reading “Bears on My Mind”

Sheep in the Spring

By: Kristin C. Springtime brings green grass and baby lambs. It is also a time for putting away your winter sweaters. Have you put yours away yet?  This past weekend I had my sheep shearer “fleece” my sheep of their wool coats. In fifteen short minutes, a professional shearer can remove the fleece with hisContinue reading “Sheep in the Spring”

Nature in the Time of Adversity

By Sarah W. Taking a walk or just looking out your window are pretty safe activities these days. While doing this, you can see living beings and growing plants that might pique your interest. Here’s something from this past week that piqued mine: Do you know the Great Stone Barn on Darrow Road in NewContinue reading “Nature in the Time of Adversity”