Take It & Make It Craft

Grab a kit to make this sweet felt bird for Spring! Kits are available on the Curbside Pickup cart, or by appointment inside the Library. In the tutorial below, Jeanne will teach you an easy stitch and show you how to assemble your bird. We love to see what you create! Email pictures to usContinue reading “Take It & Make It Craft”

The Oft Maligned Cowbird

By Sarah W.  The cowbird is one of the early birds to show up en masse in our area. You know that Spring egg-laying season is immanent when you start seeing these birds. What’s the connection? It is parasitism, because the cowbird does not construct a nest, but lays her eggs in the nests ofContinue reading “The Oft Maligned Cowbird”

Sheep in the Spring

By: Kristin C. Springtime brings green grass and baby lambs. It is also a time for putting away your winter sweaters. Have you put yours away yet?  This past weekend I had my sheep shearer “fleece” my sheep of their wool coats. In fifteen short minutes, a professional shearer can remove the fleece with hisContinue reading “Sheep in the Spring”